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What’s the Matter in Healthcare?

Healthcare, the largest industry on our Planet, is increasingly challenged by a myriad of burdens. At daily basis, the men and women creating healthcare services are faced with disruptive change, often related to promising possibilities of innovative technologies. Moreover, economic, institutional and many other developments create wicked problems, forcing healthcare into an unprecedented state of transformation. However, healthcare has remained relatively unchanged since the time of Hippocrates (about 2300 years ago…). Hence, healthcare needs help answering questions like:

  • How to sustainably implement these innovations?
  • How can we help diminish barriers?

And the ‘1.000.000 Dollar’ question:

  • How can we help change ‘the-way-we-do-things’ in healthcare?

Science indicates that people hold the key to sustainable transformation. And here is where DIRMI comes in.



Why DIRMI Institute?

‘Human factor’ science and practises in healthcare:

Are fundamental in understanding how people function and collaborate in order to facilitate effective change.

Exceed common topics like ‘team work’, ‘leadership’, ‘human resources’ or ‘change management’.

Comprise a 3-dimensional (maybe 4 …) domain, including: organizational behaviour, institutional change, cultural and regulatory shifts, change management, psychology, … and feelings of trust, fear, personal development, professional identity, … (and much more).

Require multi-stakeholder collaboration in order to be applied effectively serving transformation.

All this contributes to why healthcare transformation is such a ‘wicked’ problem …

DIRMI provides scholars and practitioners a platform to share and expand understanding AND best practises in human factors in healthcare transformation.

Our Scope

DIRMI activities comprise following domains:

What We Do

DIRMI activities are founded on public-private partnerships, using these 3 approaches:

Who We Are?

‘We’ are public institutes such as academic DIRMI-partners, (regional) healthcare organizations and private enterprises.

Collectively we strive towards developing, training and implementing best practises in the emerging field of ‘soft factors’ in healthcare transformation.

We need each other, because the sum of us all makes healthcare.



Projects & Courses

The objectives of the DIRMI Foundation are tightly related to a combination of research projects, implementation and other field work and educational activities. Here are some examples:

Partners and Collaborators

Various scientists, field experts and other DIRMI enthusiasts collaborate primarily within our public-private partnerships projects. Below some of the organizations these people represent. More here.