Boundary Spanning with SIOO

Sioo is the inter-university centre that teaches people and organisations how to be agile in change management and organisational processes. Sioo was founded by eight Dutch universities in 1958. It was partly based on a joint initiative with the world of organisational consultancy. The institute designs tailor-made learning pathways. At the same time, Sioo is a platform that helps the further development of the relatively young subjects of change management and organisational science.

In 2018 SIOO, University of Twente and DRMI Institute have initiated the executive course Regional Boundary Spanning in Healthcare Transformation‘, providing a ‘system-in-the-class’ action learning learning and development course towards agile and sustainable transformation programs in healthcare. After testing the format in various Dutch regions, in collaboration with international DIRMI partners, the course will be provided across regions in the European dimension and beyond.